Trends in European Tourism Planning and Organisation, Carlos Costa, Emese Panyik, Dimitrios Buhalis, Channel View Publications, Bristol

 Costa, C., Panyik, E., Buhalis, D., 2013 Trends in European Tourism Planning and Organisation,  Channel View Publications, ISBN:1845414101 Bristol 

Written by leading international tourism researchers, this book examines the key trends in European tourism planning and organisation. It introduces a theoretical framework to tourism planning and organisation using a procedural and structural approach. Despite having a European focus, it is globally relevant as many lessons from Europe can be applied to international tourism development. The book identifies and discusses six key themes in the context of European tourism planning and organisation: territory, actors and structures, economics, policy, methods and techniques and vision. It also identifies leading and emerging practices and offers a new vision for European tourism planning.





Costa, C., Panyik, E., Buhalis, D., 2013 Trends in European Tourism Planning and Organisation,  Channel View Publications, Bristol   


1 Towards a Conceptual Framework: An Introduction 1

Carlos Costa, Emese Panyik and Dimitrios Buhalis

Part 1: Territory

2 The Mutation of Cultural Landscapes: The ‘Unplanned’Tourism Map of Europe 15

Myriam Jansen-Verbeke

3 Planning and Management of European Rural Peripheral Territories Through Multifunctionality: The Case of Gastronomy Routes 33

Magda Antonioli Corigliano and Cristina Mottironi

4 Mature Coastal Mediterranean Destinations: Mitigating Seasonality 48

Savvina Karyopouli and Christina Koutra

5 Cross-border Cooperation and Tourism in Europe 64

Dallen J. Timothy and Jarkko Saarinen

Part 2: Actors and Structures

6 Destination Management Organisational Structures 77

Thanasis Spyriadis, John Fletcher and Alan Fyall

7 SMEs in Tourism Destinations 92

Mike Peters and Dimitrios Buhalis

8 Benchmarking Tourism Partnerships 102

Alan Clarke and Agnes Raffay

9 Tourism Human Resources 116

Adele Ladkin

Part 3: Economics

10 Funding and Development Processes 131

Stephen Wanhill

11 State or Market in Tourism: Why Not Something Else? Club Goods 143

Eduardo Anselmo de Castro and Gonçalo Santinha

12 ‘Going International’: Challenges and Strategies for European Tourism Businesses 156

Zélia Breda and Carlos Costa

13 Business Environment and Accommodation Policies in Europe 174

Theodoros Stavrinoudis, Paris Tsartas and Andreas Papatheodorou

Part 4: Policy

14 Mapping the EU’s Evolving Role in Tourism: Implications of the New EU Tourism Competence 189

Emese Panyik and Constantia Anastasiadou

15 The Role of the EU in Defining Tourism Policies for a Competitive Destination Governance 208

M. Manente, V. Minghetti and F. Montaguti

16 Tourism Policy and Knowledge Processes in European Tourism 220

Henrik Halkier

17 European Transport Policy and Tourism 235

D.K. Robbins and J.E. Dickinson

Part 5: Methods and Techniques

18 Strategies for Positioning Tourism Destinations: Trend Analysis 251

Maria João Carneiro, Carlos Costa and John Crompton

19 Tourism Satellite Accounts: An Overview 265

Stephen L.J. Smith

20 Using Network Analysis to Improve Tourist Destination Management 278

Rodolfo Baggio, Noel Scott and Chris Cooper

21 Tourism Forecasting Using Econometric Models 289

Haiyan Song, Egon Smeral, Gang Li and Jason L. Chen

Part 6: Vision

22 Futurecast: An Exploration of Key Emerging Megatrends in the Tourism Arena 313

Luiz Moutinho, Shirley Rate and Ronnie Ballantyne

23 Perspectives and Trends on Knowledge Management: European Agencies and Initiatives 326

Christine Scherl and Chris Cooper

24 Technology-enabled Tourism Destination Management and Marketing 339

Dimitrios Buhalis and Joanna Matloka

25 Mobility, Migration and Tourism 351 

Esmat Zaidan and Geoffrey Wall

26 Towards a New Vision for European Tourism Policy: Conclusions 360

Carlos Costa, Emese Panyik and Dimitrios Buhalis




About the Author

Carlos Costa is Full Professor of Tourism at the University of Aveiro and Editor of the Journal of Tourism & Development (Revista de Turismo e Desenvolvimento). Carlos is the leader of the Tourism Research Unit and of the PhD Tourism Programme of the University of Aveiro. His main research interests are tourism planning and management, organisations, networks, gender in tourism and education. Emese Panyik is Assistant Professor of Tourism at the Catholic University of Portugal (UCP), Braga Regional Centre. Her research interests include strategic tourism planning and management, integrated rural tourism, EU tourism policy, rural governance, local policymaking and partnerships and host community impacts of tourism. Dimitrios Buhalis is Professor of eTourism and Director of eTourism Lab at Bournemouth University. His research focuses on strategic management and marketing, tourism marketing, technology and eTourism. He has written or co-edited a total of 18 books and published more than 100 articles in scholarly journals, books, conference proceedings and consultancy reports.




This most interesting and timely book illuminates the complex destination of Europe and its need to adopt new structural approaches to tourism policy. World-renowned tourism experts provide multi-disciplinary knowledge to inform Europe's future tourism planning. It is essential reading for those wanting to understand the fascinating structural changes that EU tourism is undergoing. --Pauline J. Sheldon, University of Hawaii, USA


Costa, Panyik and Buhalis have provided a highly insightful edited exposition of European tourism planning in the context of the new global world order. From the impacts of the global financial crunch, the restructuring of European financial arrangements and the beginnings of a European tourism policy through the 2009 Lisbon Treaty, the book provides a holistic framework for understanding the complexity of developing and governing tourism across the European Union to create competitiveness for sustainable destination development. --Simon Darcy, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia