Tourism Business Frontiers

Buhalis, D., and Costa, C., (eds), 2005,Tourism Business Frontiers Butterworth Heinemann ISBN: 0750663774

Dimitrios Buhalis, Established Chair in Tourism, School of Services Management, Bournemouth University, UK
Carlos Costa, University of Aveiro, Portugal

As the global tourism industry continues to expand and to become more complex, it is vital that those in the industry are equipped with a thorough knowledge of all topics involved. New Tourism Consumers Products and Industry: Present and Future Issues provides this comprehensive coverage and more. Written by a team of globally renowned thinkers and researchers, it not only provides a brief historical overview of tourism, but delves deeper, to discuss emerging trends, consumer types and looks at the way the industry itself is changing and developing. It provides the manager of tomorrow with the ability to look beyond normal planning horizons and identify potential opportunities from these changes. New Tourism Consumers Products and Industry: Present and Future Issues is part of a two part set with its companion text, Tourism Dynamics, Challenges and Tools: Present and Future Issues which takes the reader on a logical progression to look at issues relating to the external environment in which the tourism industry functions. Both texts thereby provide the reader with a complete set of tools and knowledge recognise the key areas of growth and change, and the ability to use the new tools and technologies available to develop them and maximise business potential.

Level 3 and postgraduate degree courses in tourism. Senior university level synthesis courses which are commonly provided as core or elective class in most specialised tourism programmes and first year introductory graduate classes. Libraries and industry practitioners.

CONTENT: Preface. Forward. Contents, Buhalis-Costa and Jean-Claude Baumgarten. Tourism Futures: Introduction, Dimitrios Buhalis and Carlos Costa. The transformation of Consumer Behaviour, Ulrike Gretzel, Daniel R. Fesenmaier and Joseph T. O'Leary. New and emerging markets, Chris Cooper and Noel Scott (UQ) and John Kester (WTO). Third Age tourism, Gianna Moscardo. Youth and adventure tourism, Greg Richards & Julie Wilson. Domestic and Visiting Friends and Relatives Tourism, Philip Pearce and Gianna Moscardo. CONFERENCE TOURISM - MICE Market and Business tourism, Adele Ladkin. Alternative tourism and the moralisation of tourism, Jim Butcher. Reengineering established products & destinations, Dimitris Ioannides. Urbanisation and second homes tourism, Aurora Pedro. Fashion and accessibility based emerging destinations, Mike Hall and Dick Butler. Experience based products, Antti Hahti and Raija Komppula. Nature based products, Ecotourism and Adventure tourism, Tanja Mihalic. Sport and events tourism, Paul de Knop. Shopping and tourism, Yvette Reisinger .Gastronomy, Food & Wine, Mike Hall and Richard Mitchell. New Age Travel/Tourism: spiritual experiences, Yvette Reisinger. Space Tourism, Vaios Lappas. Intermediaries: Travel Agencies & Tour Operators, Dimitrios Buhalis and Dorota Ujma. Transport and transit: Air, Land and Sea, Anne Graham. Hospitality Megatrends, Peter Jones. Attractions Megatrends, Pierrre Benckendorff. Culture, Heritage and Visiting Attractions, Bob McKercher and Hilary du Cros. Entertainment and new leisure, Melanie Smith. Destination Management Organisations and Actors, Mara Manente and Valeria Minghetti. Tourism Futures: Conclusions, Carlos Costa and Dimitrios Buhalis.