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 Buhalis, D., 2004, eTourism: tourism information Technology for Strategic Management , Translated to Mandarin, Tourism Education Press   China  ISBN 7563712062


作    者: 布哈里斯
出 版 社: 旅游教育出版社   本社特价书
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    Tourism e-commerce

Author: Buha Rees
I S B N: 7563712062
Number of pages: 379
Open the: 16 mo
Cover the form: Paperback
Press: Tourism Education Press    Society Jiashu
Publication date: 2004-7-1
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Tourism e-commerce Introduction

Simple book structure. The first part is to give readers a basic understanding of new technology-driven changes that affect major strategic management options and fast information technology strategy. Description IT brought about change is not confined to the tourism industry, but into the entire business process, then this book from the perspective of strategic management brainstorming explore the relationship between tourism and information technology are fast. The second part describes some of the key sectors of tourism, a comprehensive description of the use of information communication technology in these sectors strategic and operational management. The last book is to explore the future as the end, is more comprehensive description of the combination of technology, technology and tourism industry more level we will face, and the various aspects of closer cooperation.

Tourism e-commerce book catalog

The first part of the strategic management of information communication technology development: the issue of a challenge of a trend
Chapter 1 Information and Communication Technology: Development and Change
Learning Objectives Chapter
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Definitions of information communication technology, information systems, information management and its relationship
stage of development of information communication described 1.3
1.4 Information and Communication Technology and the new enterprise tools
1.5 networks and information superhighway: the Internet, intranet and extranet
centralized information and communications technology, the development of new technologies 1.6
1.7 new wave of technological revolution
1.8 Conclusions
This chapter questions
the construction of reading material
related websites
in Chapter 2 of the significance of information communication technology revolution in corporate and strategic
learning objectives of this chapter
2.1 Introduction
2.2 for enterprises and strategic significance of
the impact of information and communication of information society technology revolution 2.3
2.4 Value Chain and Information impact of communication technology,
information technology market 2.5 development, e-commerce and Internet market
2.6 Strategic Management and Competitive Advantage
2.7 information communication technology, strategic management and competitive
2.8 precondition to achieve competitive advantage through IT
Chapter 3 e-tourism: dynamic information communication technology and tourism combined with 
electronic travel demand-driven Chapter 4
Chapter 5 supply-driven e-tourism
portal for tourism business through the second part of the information technology strategy and operations experts,
e-tourism in Chapter 6 operational management and distribution
of electronic airline Chapter 7
Chapter 8 electronic hotel
Chapter 9 Electronic Travel
Chapter 10 electronic travel agents
Chapter 11 electronic destination
Chapter 12 e-tourism: Overview and Future Prospects