I have been elected President of IFITT in 2010 and reelected for my final term in office in 2012 to 2014. In 2014 Professor Cantoni succeeded me as the new IFITT President. 


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it was a great honour, responsibility and pleasure to lead IFITT as President in the 2010-2014 period. I am grateful to the support I have received from the membership as well as the newly elected Board. Being the fourth President after Hannes Werthner, Josef Margreitet and Andrew Frew is a great privilege and I look forward to work with every single member and stakeholder to take IFITT higher and also to make a great contribution to the world of eTourism globally. IFITT has never been in a stronger position, mainly due to its very positive financial position, the excellent global reputation we enjoy and the increase of importance of technology for the world of tourism and travel. We need to record out appreciation to the work that the previous Board had done under the leadership of Andrew and the very successful ENTER conference in the last years for bringing IFITT to such an excellent position.

During that period we developed IFITT towards these objectives:

  • A global forum for tourism and technology on a global basis that brings together members
  • that create and disseminate innovative knowledge in ITT
  • An inclusive organisation where each member is equally informed about the key
  • developments and opportunities available
  • A depository of literature and contemporary developments on ITT
  • Collaboration with Tourism and Technology Organisations globally
  • Respect as an one stop shop where expertise can be found
  • Strengthening ENTER to become THE tourism and technology event in the world
  • Organising regional events on specialised issues
  • Strengthening of regional chapters to support our global recruitment
  • Use Web 2.0 and other off the self technologies for sharing resources, discussions and
  • More collaboration with the Journals that are relevant to our areas
  • Support for new/young researchers to follow Tourism and technology
  • Empower PhD students in these areas
  • Competitions to support excellence in Tourism and Technology
  • Build consensus effectively through membership and deliver results
  • Establish trust between members and co-destiny
  • Seek inspirations and turn ideas into reality efficiently
  • Leading from the heart with a passion for IFITT

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Dimitrios Buhalis

IFITT President 2010-2014